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In Memory of "Tommy Boy" Anderson

This page is in memory of Tommy Anderson who’s life had touched many. Also know as Tommyboy, Magoo, Major Tom and various other nicknames he was a man of great artistic talent and many interests. Where ever he went he tended to make friends with his sense of humor which anyone who knew was hard to beat. He tried to do everything possible while on this earth and in his eyes all people were created equal. The void he left in all our lives will be hard to fill.

baseball team paying tribute to Tom-picture by Kathy Peterson

The diamond’s dusty, dry and bare

You won’t find our captain there

To take the shot off his shin

To get back up and pitch again

He’s not at Wascott scouting beer

Or passing ’round a pint of cheer

Nor pounding down the sheet of ice

As Loren calls “sweep” more then twice

He isn’t on the Shining lake

Nor planning for the trip he’ll take

Nor is he on the dock asleep

Above the water calm and deep

He won’t be listening round the table

To a team mate’s doubful fable

He will not tell no more puns

Or see his pride in his two sons

You may look but you won’t find

A man more generous or more kind

Tom was a man of many parts

Look! He’s here within our hearts

—-Irv Mossberger—-